Lightning Ridge Opals

We are now able to offer rough opal parcels from a newly sunk mine in the opal bearing region of Goanna Gully, Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia.
The opal seams in this area were formed in layers within an ancient lake bed and the opal has been found at a depth of 15 – 20 metres (45 – 60 feet approx)  The short video and photographs will give you some idea of the nature of the mine and the process of recovery.





The opal that will be offered for sale will be in the raw form and in the same condition as we buy our own opal stocks.

Rough opal parcels are a number of stones in their “as found” state.  The edges may have been ground off in the tumbling/cleaning process, and generally will show that an opal exists within them, but the top and bottom surfaces are mainly untouched.  When buying opal in this raw form there are no guarantees, some promising stones will have inclusions/cracks and be a disappointment, when others may produce a stunning opal which was unexpected. We will show photographs and a short video of each parcel, but you will have to make your own assessment of its potential.

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