Honduran & Andamooka Opal

Honduran Opals vary from milky-white to black matrix based, formed mostly by volcanic eruptions in South America. Honduras has some of the oldest opal mines in the world, with the most famous being in Tablon. Honduras volcanic matrix opals are naturally black with tiny pin-fire flashes of various colours embedded within them. The stone is porous and does not take a shine easily. To overcome this, most are treated by soaking in a hot resin bath, which fills in the little gaps.
The few samples I am offering for sale are untreated, with a light polish on one side. They are not anything other than a mineral sample of this particular type of opal, for those interested in what various opals from around the world look like in their natural state.

Australian Andamooka Opal is formed by tiny “pin head” flashes within a grey stone.  To enhance the colour plays, these stones are often boiled in sugar to stain the background colour to a dark brown and are often then called “fairy opals”.

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