Flower-shaped Sterling Silver Black Opal Pendant


Sterling silver pendant,
set with Australian black opal from Lightning Ridge.
The stone flashes blue on a blue background.
One-off, hand-made item.
Comes with 18″ (45cm) Sterling silver snake chain.
Gift boxed.
Free shipping.

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To make this piece, I recycled a vintage flower-shaped pendant, which was plain and had no hanger. I added a hanger and soldered a bezel in the centre and set it with a small, round black opal from Lightning Ridge. The general appearance of the stone is blue, and there is some of the light brown martix still visible in one corner. The stone has a strong blue fire, but it is not immediately visible and only comes to the fore in certain lights. This makes it very difficult to photograph (see last two photos). The stone is 8mm in diameter, and the entire pendant has a diameter of 3.4cm. The hanger adds another 1cm to the length. The back is hallmarked for Edinburgh 2017. It is a very nice, timeless piece that can be worn for almost any occasion.

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