Pair of Sterling Silver Black Opal Earrings, Danglers


Sterling silver opal earrings,
set with Australian black opals from Lightning Ridge.
The stones display strong green and turquoise flashes on a blue background.
One-off item, hand-made in the UK.
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It is quite difficult to make opal earrings, because no two opals are the same. Even if you cut both earrings out of the same stone, the stone itself varies in colour from one end to the other. So to achive a perfect match is almost impossible, especially if the opal is a good stone with plenty of colour in it. With these earrings we were fortunate to get a really good Australian black opal from Lighning Ridge, which was large enough to be cut into two so that the colours match just about perfectly. The stones have a blue background, which displays tightly packed flashes of green and turqoise. Each stone is 1.3cm long and 1.1cm wide at the base. The hanging length is 3cm. I set the earrings in Sterling silver, with a fully enclosed back and had them hallmarked for Edinburgh 2017. They are gorgeous stones, which catch the light from different angles with every movement of your head, and no matter how the light hits them, the earrings are guaranteed to sparkle brightly at all times.

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