Sterling Silver Opal Pendant


Sterling silver pendant

set with blue Australian opal from Lightning Ridge.

One-off, hand-made item.

Comes with 18″ (45cm) Sterling silver chain.


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I set this pendant with an opal from Lightning Ridge. The commendable thing about this stone is its respectable size, but the disappointing thing is its lack of sparkles.  It is basically just blue. In its rough state, the nobby looked promising, but after we sliced it, this is all we got out of it. Had there been different colours in an opal of this size, it would have set it in gold and the finished product would have been worth several hundred pounds.  But now you have an attractive pendant at an affordable price. The stone itself is domed and is 1.9cm long and 1cm wide. The entire pendant, including the 2 rings at the top, is 3cm long and 1.6cm wide. The back is hallmarked for Edinburgh 2019.

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