Sterling Silver Opal Pendant and Chain


Sterling silver opal pendant,
set with grey Coober Pedy opal,
which flashes pink.
One-off item, hand-made in the UK.
Comes with 18″ (45cm) Sterling silver snake chain.
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This pendant contains a lovely Coober Pedy opal of just over 3 carat. Its general appearance is grey, but as soon as the light hits it, it displays a mass of pink flashes, which at a particular angle can look green. The stone is oval in shape, 1.4cm long and 9mm wide. I set it in Sterling silver with a slightly curved base. The entire pendant is 3.8cm long and 2.5cm wide at the base. The back is hallmarked for Edinburgh 2017. It is a stylish and dressy pendant, full of surprises.