Heavy Ornate Victorian 9 Ct Gold Albert Watch Chain 31.43g


Unusual, heavy Victorian 9 Ct gold watch chain,
with T bar.
Stamped 9C in 3 places.
31.43 grams.
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This is a gorgeous antique watch chain from ca. 1890, which features longer and shorter links. The shorter links are decoarted with dots, the longer links are left plain. The gold has a really rich, warm yellow colour. The entire chain is 41cm long. The last part of ca. 5cm length is different from the rest, consisting only of short links, to which a 3.5cm long T bar is attached. The T bar is stamped 9C, there is a further 9C stamp on one of the links and yet another on the catch (see photos). If you were to remove the T bar, this chain would make an absolutely stunning necklace. The chain is in very good overall condition with only a small nick to two of the shorter links (see last two photos). The chain weighs 31.43 grams.