Victorian 9 Ct Gold Albert Watch Chain With T-Bar


Victorian 9 carat gold watch chain,
with graduated links and T-Bar.
Each link stamped individually.
36cm long, weighs 26.79 grams.
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This is a Victorian watch chain with graduated links, a T-bar attached to a smaller extra chain and a watch clip at the end. The main chain is 14 ¼” (36cm) long, the little one with the T-bar is 3cm long. The T-bar itself is 4cm long. The diameters of the graduated links vary between 8mm at the centre to 4mm at the ends. This chain is extensively stamped and hallmarked, with each individual link being stamped 9 and 373, a Birmingham hallmark on the T-bar and the maker’s initials of J.M. also on the T-bar. What is missing from these stamps is the date letter, but it is obvious that this chain must be Victorian or even older. The chain weighs 26.79grams and is in excellent condition.

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