Quality Antique / Victorian Silver and Clear Stone Brooch


Antique Victorian silver brooch,
set with 22 clear crystals and one red stone.
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This is a wonderful Victorian silver brooch, which has been set with 22 clear stones and a central red stone. It probably dates to circa.1880.

The central rosette is surrounded by yellow metal, which is intricately engraved and flanked by a yellow metal leaf on each side. The bars and the underbody are made of silver, which I have tested, since the brooch is not marked. I am pretty sure that the decorative yellow highlights on the front are either plated or solid rose gold, but the fastening pin on the back is just ordinary metal.

The clear stones are not diamonds. They cannot be CZs either, because they could not be produced at the time.  It is not likely that they are just glass, with all the elaborate work that has gone into making this beautiful piece, so possibly rhinestone or rock crystal.

The clear crystals have a diameter of 3mm each, and the central red stone, which is probably a ruby or garnet, is also 3mm in diameter.

The entire brooch is 5cm long and 1.9cm high. The catch is an old non-safety catch, but there is an additional safety chain.

This is a gorgeous quality piece, which has survived in remarkable condition for more than 100 years.

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