Edwardian 9 Ct Gold Pearl and Ruby Pendant and Chain


Antique, Edwardian 9 Ct gold Lavalier pendant,
Art Deco design,
set with a pearl and 4 rubies.
Comes with its original 18″ 9 Ct gold chain.
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This is a gorgeous Edwardian Lavalier pendant, which is made with dainty, intricate gold wirework and is set with a pearl and three red stones plus a red stone drop. I believe these red stones to be rubies. I compared their colour to Bohemian garnets, almandine garnets and rubies, and rubies were the only match. The shape and style tends more towards Art Deco than Art Nouveau, as the emphasis is more on straight lines than on curves. The pendant is 3.7cm long including the drop and the hanger, and 2cm wide. The chain is 18” (45cm) long. The back of the pendant is stamped 9Ct, and the chain is stamped 9C, which means that both, the pendant and the chain, are of the period, because it was the custom at the time to stamp small articles like this. Such delicate pieces can, of course, not be cast and mass-produced, but must be shaped by hand, and each individual component must be soldered on individually. We have to appreciate the huge amount of work and great craftsmanship that went into making this piece. With its beautiful symmetrical arrangement and complementing choice of stones it is truly timeless.

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