Victorian 9 Ct Gold Mounted Hardstone Masonic Intaglio Fob


Victorian watch fob.
made of gold mounted hardstone
with Masonic intaglios.
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This is an antique watch fob, which came from a Victorian watch chain, so presumably it is the same age. The fob is made of some type of pale-coloured hardstone, which has intaglio engravings of different Masonic symbols on both sides. A gold pin has been inserted from top to bottom, which ends in a gold hanger on one end and a small gold button at the other. The gold is not marked but tests as 9 carat. The fob is 2cm long, or 3.1cm long including the hanger, 2cm wide at its widest point, and 6mm thick. There are two tiny little nibbles at one of the bottom edges of the stone, otherwise this fob is in great condition.

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