Victorian 9 Ct Gold New Zealand Jade Brooch


Victorian 9 ct gold mounted New Zealand jade brooch,
overlaid with Maori greeting in gold.
Stamped 9Ct.
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This is a lovely Victorian brooch, which is made of a bar of jade, mounted on both ends in ornate 9 carat gold. The front of the brooch is overlaid with decorative gold lettering, which spells the words “Kia Ora”. This tells us that the brooch comes from New Zealand, because Kia Ora is a Maori greeting wishing you good health. Jade or Nephrite itself is found in New Zealand. Both ends of the gold mount are stamped 9 Ct, which was the custom in Victorian times. The catch is an old-fashioned non-safety catch, which nonetheless holds the brooch firmly in place. The brooch is 6.3cm long and 1.2cm wide, and everything is in excellent condition.

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