Victorian 9 Ct Rose Gold Belt Ring Size N


Antique, Victorian 9 carat rose gold ring,
shaped like a belt.
Birmingham hallmark.
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This is a lovely antique ring, made of 9 carat gold and shaped like a belt. In the front, there is the buckle, and on the shoulders and around the entire shank, there are slightly embossed heart shapes and leaves, which makes you think that this ring was designed as a love token, especially since the even width of the shank is reminiscent of a wedding ring. Its exact age is hard to tell, because the date letter of the Birmingham hallmark is worn (see photo). All that remains clearly visible is a squiggle at the start of the letter, which only seems to occur with the kind of lettering that was used in Cycle 5. So it could be anything from an m to a y, dating this ring to somewhere between 1886 and 1898. The rest of the hallmark would also indicate that this ring is Victorian, firstly through the large size of it and secondly through the fact that the number 9 is stamped alongside the number 375. Also, the use of rose gold was rather popular in Victorian times. The ring is 1cm high at the buckle and 6mm high everywhere else. The heart and leaf decoration shows some wear at the back, where the embossing is no longer prominent but looks more like an engraving. (Other rings would probably not be decorated at all at the back). The front is still in excellent condition. The ring is size N and weighs 2.67 grams.

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