Vintage 14 Ct Gold and 2-Tone Amber Earrings


Vintage amber earrings,
each with 2 different coloured pieces of amber,
set in 14 carat gold.
Gift boxed.
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This is a beautiful pair of earrings, each one made of two pieces of different coloured amber. The amber pieces are set in gold wire, which is not stamped but tests as 14 carat. The lower tooth-shaped amber is reddish-brown, and the upper round amber is golden yellow. The earrings are danglers and are 5.2cm long. They are probably of Russian origin, because they came as part of a job lot together with an amber pendant with Russian hallmarks (also for sale on this website). Amber is a natural product, therefore little flaws on the surface are to be expected and only go to confirm that this is real amber and not a synthetic imitation. There are a few tiny pale spots on these earrings, see photos, but they do not mar the beauty of these pieces in the slightest.

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