Vintage 9 Ct Gold Charm Bracelet w. 15 Charms, 35.68 g


Vintage or antique 9 Ct gold charm bracelet
with 15 charms of varying ages.
All but 1 charm hallmarked or stamped.
Every link of chain stamped.
Weighs 35.68 grams.
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This is an old charm bracelet, which is made of 9 carat gold and has fifteen 9 Ct gold charms of varying ages on it. Some of the charms are quite unusual, for example, there is a cheque book from the London Bank, which opens, a TV set, the book of “Love Story”, a bull, a cat, a little elf and a heart-shaped locket, which opens to reveal an embracing couple (see photo). The other charms are: a horse shoe, a cross, a winkle, another sea shell with a pearl in it, an Isle of Man symbol, a shamrock and two round swivel platelets with half of the writing on one side and the other half on the other. I am not sure, but think that one spells “I love you”, and the other one spells “good luck”. All charms are either fully hallmarked or have the old Victorian stamp of 9 Ct or 9C on it, except for the locket with the embracing couple, which is 9 Ct gold nonetheless (tested). On the chain itself, every individual link is stamped 375 on one side and 9 on the other, which means it must be quite old, Victorian or Edwardian. The bracelet is 20cm long, which should fit most wrists, except for very strong ones. It weighs 35.68 grams and everything is in excellent condition.

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