Vintage 9 Ct Gold Citrine and Diamond Pendant


Vintage 9 ct gold pendant,
set with large citrine and small diamonds.
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This is a gorgeous citrine pendant, with a sizeable stone set in 9 carat gold and a beautiful hanger with diamonds. The citrine itself is faceted front and back and is 1.8cm long, 1.3cm wide and ca. 8mm deep. The setting around the stone is 1cm high. The entire penant, including the hanger, is 3.5cm long. The hanger is a distinctive feature of this pendant. At the bottom, there is a triangle of 3 little faceted diamonds, ca. 1mm in diameter each, and at the top there is an approximate figure of 8, which is set with a further 6 tiny diamond chips in yellow and white gold. The hanger really makes this pendant! There is a tiny hallmark on the hanger, which is quite hard to find and even harder to photograph (see photo), but you can just make out the anchor symbol for Birmingham and number 375 for 9 carat gold.
This pendant came as part of a set, which I have split up and am selling individually. The other two items are a matching ring and a pair of earrings. Won’t do any harm to have a look at our other items…if they are still there.

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