Martix Boulder Opal Parcel 37.20 g


4 pieces of matrix boulder opal

from the Quilipie mines in Queensland, Australia.

Total of 37.20 grams.

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This lot consists of 4 boulder opal pieces from the Quilpie mines in Queesnsland, Australia. Unfortunately they  are the last lot we have, and we are not likely to get any more.

These opal pieces are basically as found and have opal crystal mixed in with the natural rich brown ironstone backing. These pieces are not really suitable for jewellery unless cut, shaped and polished and should be considered unusual mineral samples in their current state.

The 4 pieces weigh a total of 37.20 grams or 186 carat .The piece with the rectangular turquoise stripe is 3.4cm long and 2.1cm wide, the piece with the blue “island” is 3.6cm long, the “island” itself is 1.1cm long and ca, 5mm wide. The other two pieces are 2.5cm x 2.1cm and 2.6cm x 2.5cm respectively.

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