3 x Loose/Unmounted Natutal Matrix Boulder Opal Pieces. Polished. 13.70 Carats


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This is an unusual selection of 3 x natural matrix boulder opal pieces. All are of a freeform shape polished and ready to be mounted or displayed.

The largest piece is 17mm by 8mm, 3mm thick with an opal layer on the brown ironstone which flashes blue.  The next is 18mm by 8mm, 3mm thick, with green flashes and patches of the ironstone showing through in places.  The final piece is 17mm by 7mm, 5 mm thick, with an opal layer which flashes lime green. Two of the pieces are only polished on the upper surface, the third piece is polished on both sides and they are a total of 13.70 carats.

These are interesting opals which are more mineral samples than gemstones as such, although they could be used to make unique pendants or rings.

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