4 Small Lightning Ridge Opals total of 4.6 Ct.


4 small, ready cut and polished opals

from Lightning Ridge in New South Wales.

Variety of good colours.

Total of 4.6 carat.

Out of stock


This lot consists of four small Lightning Ridge opals with a total weight of 4.6 carat. They all display good, strong colours and all would be suitable to set into pendants; the largest one might even fit a ring. The blue, triangular one is 1cm long and 5mm wide at the base. The white, oval one has diameters of 5mm and 6mm. The grey drop-shaped one is 1.2cm long and 4mm wide at its widest point. The largest one is green and is 1,1cm long and 7mm wide in the middle.  All stones have been symmetrically shaped and polished on the surface.

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