Cut and Polished Coober Pedy Opal 5.95 Carat


Loose, cut and polished Coober Pedy opal,
displays green flashes.
5.95 carat.
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This is a fair sized opal from the Coober Pedy mines in Australia. The stone is drop-shaped and is 2.2cm long, 1cm wide, and it weighs 5.95 carat. It displays lots of green flashes with some blues on a cream-coloured background. Near the bottom, the base stone comes to the surface and is visible as a beige swirl. This stone would be an excellent sample for mineral collectors, but it could still be used in jewellery just as is is, as a picture opal, or, if required, the bottom end could be cut off, which would result in a smaller stone of ca. 1.5cm length.

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