Cut and Polished Coober Pedy Opal, 7.6 Carat


Half ellispse shaped Coober Pedy opal.
7.6 carat.
The stone displays green, blue, orange and red fire.
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This is a beautiful Coober Pedy opal that is shaped as half an ellipse and is polished on one side. It has a cream-coloured background and displays tightly packed pin-prick fire of blue, green, orange and red. You can see colour from every angle you chose to look at it. The stone is 1.8cm long, 1.4cm wide on the flat end, and 3mm deep. It weighs 7.6 carat. It could be set into a pendant or necklace, could be reshaped to fit a ring, or could even be cut in half for earrings.

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