Loose Polished Coober Pedy Opal 6.6 Ct


Natural, polished Coober Pedy opal,
6.6 carat.
The colour band is predominantly green and pink.
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This is a fair-sized Coober Pedy opal, which has been polished on the surface. The flat side of the stone is 1.6cm long, and its height at the highets point is 1.7cm. It weighs 6.6 carat. This is essentially a banded opal with a predominat colour band along one sinde, some more colour on the other side and a plainer part in the centre. The colours in the bands are strong and are mainly green and pink with some blue and orange. To allow this stone to retain the maiximum colour, we cut it into this unsymmetrical shape. The first photo is taken under artificial light, the others in normal daylight.

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