Polished Freeform Coober Pedy Opal 8.7 Carat


Loose, banded Coober Pedy opal,
with strong flashes of green, blue, red and orange.
8.7 carat.
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This is a Coober Pedy opal of 8.7 carat. The stone is only roughly shaped and is still freeform, but the surface has been polished. It has a pale cream background with 3 distinct colour bars running slightly diagonally across it. The 2 outer ones display terrific flashes of green, blue, red and orange. The colours in the central bar are essentially the same, but are more subdued and come in stripes at an angle of 45 degrees to the other bars. The longest length of the stone is 2 cm, and its maximum width is 1.4cm. It is a really gorgeous stone which has only the setback of its irregular shape. If I shaped it more symmetrically, I would unfortunately lose a lot of the colours around the edges.

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