Stunning 9 Ct Gold Opal and Diamond Bangle / Bracelet


Vintage 9 Ct gold bangle
set with 7 graduated opals and 14 diamonds.
The opals display lots of colours of blue, green and pink.
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This is a superb vintage opal and diamond bangle or bracelet, set in 9 carat gold. On the front, there are 7 graduated opals, probably from Coober Pedy, which have a general appearance of light blue and display rolling flashes of green, pink and blue and even orange depending on the light. The largest stone in the centre is 7mm long and 4mm wide, the smallest ones at the outsides are 4mm long and 3mm wide. In between the opals are 14 faceted diamonds of 2mm diameter each. The entire stone-set front is 5cm long. At the back, where the bangle has the lowest height, it is still 4mm high. The bangle is hinged, and inside, near the hinge, there is a stamp of what looks like the Sheffield crown symbol and the number 375 for 9 carat gold. When the bangle is open with the safety chain fully extended, it produces a maximum inside diameter of 7.5cm or an inside circumference of approximately 21cm, very difficult to measure accurately. This is relatively tight. To slip the bracelet on or off, you would need to have a slim hand. In its closed condition, the bracelet has a long inside diameter of 5.3cm and a short one of 4.2cm. It fits a slim wrist comfortably, would sit tightly on a medium wrist and would not fit anyone with a strong wrist. The bangle is probably farily new and everything is in excellent condition. It is designed for evening wear and its effect is simply stunning.