Victorian 9 Ct Gold Opal Ring Size N


Antique, Victorian 9 Ct gold ring,

set with large Coober Pedy opal,

which displays multicoloured fire.

Size N


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For this ring I used a 9 Ct gold Victorian setting and cut an Australian Coober Pedy opal to fit. The opal is a fair size: 1.6cm long and 1.2cm wide. The stone displays a lot of strong colours, mainly pink and green, spread tightly over the entire surface with no “bald” patches.  The entire ring head is 2.4cm long and 1.5cm wide, which makes this ring quite an impressive piece. The inside is stamped 9 Ct GOLD. It was the custom in Victorian times to stamp jewellery 9 Ct instead of 375, so we can safely say that this ring is antique. The ring is size N and is in fine condition but may have been resized in the past, as there is a faint mark on the inside of the shank, only just visible with a jeweller’s loupe.

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