Vintage Sterling Silver Opal Pendant and Chain


Vintage Sterling silver pendant set with Coober Pedy opal.

The stone displays strong pink, green and orange fire.

Complete with 16″ Sterling silver chain.


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This vintage pendant was originally set with a turquoise, which I replaced with a Coober Pedy opal. I cut this stone myself from the rough, shaped , polished and set it, and can therefore guarantee you that it is a natural opal and not a synthetic one. The stone is round with a diameter of 7mm and is slightly domed.  There are plenty of strong colours on a pale grey background, predominantly pink, which is one of the rarer colours in opals. According to the angle of light, the stone also displays green, orange and yellow fire. The entire pendant is 3.2cm long and 1,3cm wide.  On the back, there is the remnant of a 925 stamp for Sterling silver (see photo).  The pendant comes with its original 16” (40cm) chain, with is also stamped 925.

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